First Steps in Your Real Estate Success by Janis Benstock

First Steps in Your Real Estate Success

Got The License? Now What?
Congratulations on passing your Real Estate License Exam. I’m Janis Benstock, Broker of Settle Down, and I remember how excited I was when I first got my license. 

It's all very exciting, but are you freaking out a little? I don't blame you. You worked really hard and sat through lectures about metes and bounds. You made index cards, wore out three highlighters, pulled all nighters and finally passed the exam.  What are you supposed to do now?
If you don't even know where to start, then you are not alone.

Real Estate can be an overwhelming career choice and newbies can give up quickly.  Don't be one of them.  Take this thing one step at a time.  Try not to overwhelm yourself with the enormity of the task at hand.  You can do it.  
For over 20 years, I have enjoyed a successful career in real estate, first as an agent, and now as a broker and real estate instructor.  Welcome to the world of real estate, and I wish you much success as you launch your career. 

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Janis Benstock

Janis teaches agents the profitable action steps for building a thriving real estate career by leveraging the personal relationships they already have without being pushy or salesy.
Through her Real Estate Brokerages in two states, coaching agents and teaching pre licensure courses, and online courses Janis shows Real Estate agents how to create a thriving business the organic way.
She knows that cold calling and scripts suck, and so do you!