Where Do You Want To Wake Up ? - The Real Estate Masterclass by Janis Benstock

Where Do You Want To Wake Up ? - The Real Estate Masterclass

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What's included?


2 mins
Module 1: Be Led By Something Greater Than Money
Clear What's Blocking You.mp4
8 mins
Brainstorming Away What's Blocking You.pdf
816 KB
Be led by Something Greater than Money.mp4
7 mins
SGTM Journal.pdf
540 KB
Stay motivated.mp4
5 mins
Motivation worksheet.pdf
55 KB
Monetize your SGTM.m4v
12 mins
Monetize your SGTM Journal.pdf
99.1 KB
Backward Planning.mp4
4 mins
Backward Planning Worksheet
Module 2: Real Estate is a People Business. Start With People You Know
Assess Yourself
8 mins
worksheet M2 L1 Quiz.pdf
75.6 KB
Be Interested, Not Interesting
7 mins
Organic Farming
10 mins
Worksheet_M2 L3_ Brainstorming Organic Farming Activities.pdf
110 KB
Declutter Your Life
5 mins
Expand Your Sphere The Fun Way
6 mins
Module 3: Fake It Until You Make It
Preview Properties
12 mins
Open Houses
9 mins
Worksheet 1 M3 L2_ How to Hold an Open House.pdf
73.8 KB
Worksheet 2 M3 L2_ Go to other open houses. .pdf
64.1 KB
Quick Cash- Working with Tenants
7 mins
The Power of Books
14 mins
Worksheet M3 L4_ List of Books-2.pdf
63.1 KB
Non-Creepy Networking
7 mins
Worksheet_M3_L5 the calendar of events.pdf
46.9 KB
Hang Out Where the Cool Kids Are
7 mins
Module 4: Use It Or Lose It
Schedule Your Way to Success
13 mins
Worksheet M4 L1_ Schedule Your Way to Success.pdf
703 KB
12 mins
Worksheet 1 M 4 L2_ Index Card CRM- Sample.pdf
53.3 KB
Worksheet 2 M4 L2_ CRM List.pdf
55 KB
Finding Your Niche
9 mins
M 4 L3_ Blue Ocean Strategy- More Information.pdf
53.4 KB
Go Deep not Wide
8 mins
Go Get Your Broker’s License
6 mins
Module 5: Business School Tricks To Build Your Business (Without Having To Pay For Grad School)
Pay Yourself First
8 mins
Worksheet M5 L1_ Pay Yourself First.pdf
55 KB
Invest in Yourself
6 mins
Worksheet M5 L2_ Invest in Yourself.pdf
66.6 KB
9 mins
Worksheet M5 L4_ Leveraging Strategies.pdf
59.4 KB
Passive Income
8 mins
Exit Strategy
8 mins
Bonus Module 6: Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing